what is forecasted for mortgage rates in 2022.
Federal Reserve in Focus


The hottest topic on the minds of mortgage professionals as 2022 gets going is the stance and potential actions of the Federal Reserve. Estimates vary, but the general consensus is for the Fed to hike interest rates by September 2022.


The Mortgage Bankers Association sees the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate at 3.7% by the third quarter of 2022. Some analysts see higher rates. And as of the time of writing, we see the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate at 3.11% based on data from Freddie Mac–thus the consensus is for a rather steep rise later in 2022.


The recently announced Federal Reserve tapering of bond purchases and subsequent announcement to raise the benchmark overnight lending rate has begun to impact the marketplace. Here’s how tapering can affect mortgage rates.


Previously, a slower rise in rates was expected by the market at-large. Now, anticipations are for the Federal Reserve to raise its key overnight lending rate faster than previously expected.


Any increase to the Fed’s overnight lending rate (the rate banks charge each other for overnight funds) will increase rates of popular mortgage lending products like 15-year and 30-year mortgages.


Early and Mid 2022

While mortgage interest rates may rise later in the year, they could remain near current levels, with occasional downticks and upticks in early 2022.


It is hard to know with certainty, but some forecasts seem to have 30-year mortgage interest rates in the low to mid threes for excellent credit borrowers during the early to the middle part of the year, with 15-year mortgages ranging from the high twos to low threes.


Given the current outlook, now could be a great time to lock in a rate for a refinance, HELOC, or purchase. And there’s still time; 30-year fixed mortgage rates remain near 3.10 – 3.15% (at the time of this writing). A quick history reminder: Many borrowers held 30-year mortgages upwards of 15% in the early 1980s and, more recently, 30-y

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对 2022 年贷款利率的预测。

随着 2022 年的到来,贷款方面最热门的话题是美联储的立场和将来的行动。虽然大家各持己见,但普遍的共识是美联储在 2022 年 9 月之前加息。

抵押银行家协会预计,到 2022 年第三季度,30 年期固定抵押贷款平均利率为 3.7%。一些分析师认为利率会更高。截至今日根据房地美 (Freddie Mac) 的数据,30 年期固定抵押贷款利率平均为 3.2%,并且大家都认为 2022 年晚些时候利率会大幅上升。



尤其是 15 年期和 30 年期的贷款利率。

虽然抵押贷款利率可能会在今年晚些时候上升,但它们可能会保持在当前水平附近,并在 2022 年初偶尔上下波动。

鉴于当前的前景,现在可能是锁定重新贷款、HELOC 或购房贷的好时机。30 年期固定贷款利率还能锁定在 3.10 – 3.15% 附近。从历史记录来看,在 1980 年代初期,许多借款人持有的 30 年期抵押贷款利率高达 15%,而最近,仅 12 年前,30 年期固定抵押贷款的平均利率约为 5% 至 6%。

虽然预计利率将在 2022 年上升,但围绕 COVID-19 和现在的 Omicron 品种似乎也存在着不确定性因素。


也就是说,与最近的历史相比,30 年和 15 年期抵押贷款利率处于低位,仍然相当有利。让我们希望 1981 年风格的情况不会出现。



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