The government passed a nine-week stopgap funding bill that averts a government shutdown. Congress will now continue to debate the various spending bills. This uncertainty is hurting stocks and benefiting bonds.


Could rates continue to climb higher for many years?  Yes, that’s possible.  Could rates hit new all time lows as early as 2022?  Also possible.  The probabilities associated with these outcomes depend entirely on variables that can’t be so easily predicted.


Mortgage rates moved noticeably upward in the past week, as Treasury yields climbed following the Federal Reserve’s taper announcement. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit its highest point in three months, averaging 3.01% for the weekly period ending Sept. 30, according to the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey.


Watch out for next week’s ADP and Jobs Report for September, as it will have a big impact on the future. The Fed is likely to announce a scaling back of bond purchases at the November 3rd meeting. Keep an eye on next week’s report; it’s recommended to lock on your target rates.




利率是否继续走高?是的,这是可能的。利率能否在未来十年内多次创下历史新低,在 2022 年发生?也有可能。与这些结果相关的概率完全取决于不容易预测的变量。


过去一周抵押贷款利率明显上升,因为在美联储宣布缩减规模后,美国国债收益率攀升。根据房地美初级抵押贷款市场调查,30 年期固定利率抵押贷款触及三个月来的最高点,截至 9 月 30 日的每周平均利率为 3.01%。


下周的 ADP 和 9 月就业报告很重要。美联储可能会在 11 月 3 日的会议上宣布缩减债券购买规模。密切关注下周的报告,同时建议锁定您的目标利率。

Economic Calendar

Report Period Estimate Impact
Date: Tue. Oct. 05
ISM Services Index Sep 61.3 Moderate
Date: Wed. Oct. 06
ADP National Employment Report Sep 475K High
Date: Thu. Oct. 07
Jobless Claims (Initial) 10/02 352K Moderate
Date: Fri. Oct. 08
Unemployment Rate Sep 5.1% High
Hourly Earnings Sep 0.4% High
Average Work Week Sep 34.7 High
Non-farm Payrolls Sep 500K High
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