Fed Chairman Powell previously stated that it is time to reduce debt purchases, but now is not the time to raise interest rates. Powell also expects that inflationary pressures will ease. Treasury Secretary Yellen also said on Sunday that she expects the inflation rate to fall to a more acceptable level of 2% in the middle of the second half of 2022. Despite continued inflationary pressures, investors continue to be optimistic that the US economy will continue to recover under strong corporate performance, and they are confident in their performance! This has also contributed to the continued rise of the stock market, and the Fed will still begin to reduce stimulus measures next month. We look forward to seeing how the bonds ultimately react to the announcement next Wednesday. In addition, the Fed’s rate hike may also cause long-term interest rates to fall and curb inflation-lower inflation is good for long-term bonds.


The American Association of Realtors reported that existing home sales in September increased by 7% to 6.29 million units, higher than the expected 6.05 million units. Sales are down 2.3% from one year ago.


Another piece of good news is that the limit of a unit of Conforming loan will be increased to $625,000 in 2022, and the conforming high balance will be increased to $937,500. If you were doing a jumbo short-term loan before, you can consider converting to a conforming long-term loan, which will be at least 0.25% lower than Jumbo’s long-term interest rate.


In addition to the regular loans, our company also offers stated-income loans and private lending. We strive to serve you well.


美联储主席鲍威尔之前表示是时候缩减购债,但现在还不是加息的时候,鲍威尔还预计通胀压力将有所缓解。财政部长耶伦周日也表示,她预计通胀率将在2022年下半年中期会落至更容易接受的2%的水平。尽管通胀压力持续存在,却投资者在强劲的企业业绩下,继续看好美国经济将会持续复苏,并且表现信心十足!这也促成了股市持续上涨,美联储也仍将在下个月开始减少刺激措施。我们期待看到债券最终如何对下周三的公告做出反应。另外,美联储加息也可能导致长期利率下降并抑制通货膨胀 – 较低的通货膨胀有利于长期债券。


美国房地产经纪人协会报告称,9 月份的成屋销售比 8 月份增长了 7%,达到 629万套,高于预期的 605 万套。销售额比一年前下降了 2.3%。


另外有个好消息是 Conforming loan 一个单位的限额将会在2022 年提高至$625,000 ,conforming high balance会调升至 $937,500,如果您之前是做的jumbo 的短期贷款,可以考虑转为conforming 的长期类贷款会比Jumbo的长期利率至少低0.25%。



Economic Calendar

Report Period Estimate Impact
Date: Mon. Nov. 1
ISM Index Oct 60.4 High
Date: Wed. Nov. 3
ADP National Employment Report Oct 369K High
ISM Services Index Oct 61.5 Moderate
FOMC Meeting Nov Unch High
Date: Thu. Nov. 4
Productivity Q3 -1.2% Moderate
Jobless Claims (Initial) 10/30 271K Moderate
Date: Fri. Nov. 5
Unemployment Rate Oct 4.8% High
Hourly Earnings Oct 0.4% High
Average Work Week Oct 34.8 High
Non-farm Payrolls Oct 385K High
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