Last week, the 30-year bond price rose to a high of 101.09, a rise of nearly 20% compared to two weeks ago. Also as inflation concerns have eased and foreign buyers are striving for a higher return on investment, the 10-year bond yield has fallen from 1.78% to around 1.55% and hovered between 1.50% and 1.75%.

Friday’s economic data showed positive. Housing starts in March surged by nearly 20% from February, while building permits rose by nearly 5%. Single-family houses still accounted for most of the market, with a soaring 15%. However, the market is still plagued by insufficient inventory, and as the labor market continues to improve, more buyers may enter the market in the coming months.

Loan interest rates have increased by nearly 0.5% in the past two months after they approached their multi-year lows in February. However, if the 10-year bond yield remains below 1.75% and the 30-year bond yield is lower than 2.50%, the market will still can be maintained in a low interest rate environment.

It is still recommended that you always pay attention to the market and lock the rate in time.

The economic data for next week is not many, only the number of initial jobless claims on Thursday and existing home sales in March, and new home sales in March on Friday.

在上周 30年期的息票在升至101.09的高位,与两周前相比上涨了近20%。同时,由于通货膨胀的担忧有所缓解,并且外国买家纷纷争取更高的投资回报率,十年期公债收益率从1.78%跌至1.55%左右,并在1.50%和1.75%之间徘徊。


贷款利率在2月接近多年低点后,在过去两个月已经提高近0.5%,但如果 10年期公债收益率保持在1.75%以下, 30年期公债收益率则低于2.50%,市场仍是可以保持在低利率的环境下。


下周的经济数据较少, 只有在周四的初领失业金人数和3月现有房屋销售量,以及周五的3月新屋销售。

Economic Calendar 
Report Period Estimate Impact
Date: Tue. Apr 22
Jobless Claims (Initial) 4/17 576K Moderate
Existing Home Sales Mar 6.22M Moderate
Date: Wed. Apr 23
New Home Sales Mar 775K Moderate
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