A key inflation indicator rose 3.1% in April, much faster than expected, as price pressures built in the rapidly expanding U.S. economy, the Commerce Department reported Friday. The core personal consumption expenditures index was forecast to increase 2.9% after rising 1.9% in March. Federal Reserve officials consider the core PCE to be the best gauge of inflation.


Despite the hot inflation reading, government bond yields were mostly lower while stocks were higher heading into the Memorial Day weekend. The central bank is buying at least $120 billion of bonds each month and has kept benchmark short-term borrowing rates anchored near zero even with the rising economy. Mortgage rates go lower as economists ease anxiety over inflation. A week after it hit 3%, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage headed back down as inflation concerns subsided temporarily.


Fannie Mae’s “RefiNow” program for lower-income homeowners opens June 5, and Freddie Mac is expected to launch its own initiative later this summer. Borrowers will need to meet eligibility requirements, which includes having income that is no more than 80% of their area’s median income. Lenders would be required to lower a borrower’s monthly mortgage payment by at least $50 and provide at least a half percentage point reduction in their interest rate.


Continual floating of longer-term and brand new files, while locking interest rates in time for purchasing loan is recommended.

美国商务部周五报告称,由于美国经济快速扩张,价格压力增加,4 月份一项关键通胀指标的涨幅超过预期,为 3.1%。核心个人消费支出指数继 3 月份上涨 1.9% 后预计将上涨 2.9%。美联储官员认为核心 PCE 是衡量通胀的最佳指标。


尽管通胀数据火爆,但在阵亡将士纪念日周末来临之际,政府债券收益率大多走低,而股市走高。央行每个月至少购买 1200 亿美元的债券,即使在经济增长的情况下,也将基准短期借款利率保持在接近零的水平。随着经济学家缓解对通胀的担忧,抵押贷款利率下降。在达到 3% 的一周后,平均 30 年期固定利率抵押贷款回落,因为通胀担忧暂时消退。


房利美针对低收入房主的“RefiNow”计划将于 6 月 5 日启动,房地美预计将在今年夏天晚些时候推出自己的计划。借款人需要符合资格要求,其中包括收入不超过其所在地区收入中位数的 80%。貸款銀行将被要求将借款人的每月抵押贷款支付额降低至少 50 美元,并将利率降低至少半个百分点。



Economic Calendar

Report Period Estimate Impact
Date: Tue. Jun. 01
ISM Index May 60.8 High
Date: Thu. Jun. 03
ISM Services Index May 62.9 Moderate
ADP National Employment Report May 545K High
Productivity Q1 5.5% Moderate
Jobless Claims (Initial) 5/29 394K Moderate
Date: Fri. Jun. 04
Average Work Week May 35 High
Hourly Earnings May 0.2% High
Non-farm Payrolls May 621K High
Unemployment Rate May 5.9% High
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