The Federal Reserve said Wednesday it will keep its benchmark interest rate near zero despite signs the economic recovery is well underway. Fed officials did indicate that rate hikes could come as soon as 2023.


Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist Sam Khater said on Thur, “Mortgage rates continued to drift down as markets concur with the view that inflation increases are temporary.” Purchase demand has decreased the last few months, primarily due to high home prices. “With inventory tight, the slowdown in demand has yet to impact prices, meaning the summer will likely remain a strong seller’s market.” said Khater.


Total loan application volume rose 4.2% last week from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s seasonally adjusted index. Refinances led the gains, rising 6% for the week. They were still 22% lower than before because so many borrowers already refinanced last fall, when rates hit record lows.


The Fed will be purchasing up to $4.924B in mortgage-backed-securities today.

Continual floating of most files and closely monitoring the markets are recommended.


美联储周三表示,尽管有迹象表明经济复苏进展顺利,但仍将保持基准利率接近零。美联储官员确实表示,最快可能在 2023 年加息。


房地美首席经济学家 Sam Khater 周四表示,“由于市场认同通胀上升是暂时的,抵押贷款利率继续下降。”他说,虽然抵押贷款利率很低,但过去几个月的购买需求减弱,主要是由于高房价导致的负担能力限制。 “由于库存紧张,需求放缓尚未影响价格,这意味着夏季可能仍然是一个强劲的卖方市场。”哈特说。


根据抵押贷款银行家协会的季节性调整指数,上周贷款申请总量比前一周增长了 4.2%。重貸领先,本周上涨 6%。它们仍比一年前的同一周低 22%,因为去年秋天,当利率创下历史新低时,很多借款人已经进行了重貸。


美联储今天将购买高达 $4.924B 的抵押贷款支持证券。



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Durable Goods Orders May 1.9% Moderate
Jobless Claims (Initial) 6/19 401K Moderate
Date: Fri. Jun. 25
Personal Consumption Expenditures and Core PCE May 0.6% Moderate
Personal Consumption Expenditures and Core PCE May 3.5% Moderate
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